Trans Peer to Peer Support Network

A network of trans students working together to support one another through conversation, direct action, and community building. These meetings will provide you the tools to challenge discrimination, navigate self care, and will give you a platform to make friends through community care.

All-Gender Bathrooms

The RU Trans Collective has an ongoing campaign which demands #EqualBathroomsNow! The following links can explain more about what are All-Gender Bathrooms, why they are important, and other important information about accessing bathrooms at Ryerson.

All-Gender Changeroom

We are pleased to announce that we finally have an All-Gender Changeroom at Ryerson! It is located in KHW 270 – a short walk from the RAC.

Discrimination in the Classroom

Discrimination can be widely seen in the classroom, whether in the form of micro-aggressions, through teaching materials, or through oppressive ideologies. As a student at Ryerson you have to right to, “a learning environment that is safe, free from harassment and discrimination,” as well as, “the right to complain without fear of reprisal.“

The most direct way to confront instances of discrimination in the classroom is by having a conversation with your professor. This is only recommended if you feel like they will be receptive to your input. You can also get a friend, student union employee, or another professor to do it for you.

The university recommends filing a human rights complaint. This process only requires your lived experience. It is still best to have evidence if possible, even if it is just an email outlining what happened. This process can be confidential, centered around your needs, and can be done completely anonymously.

Filling a human rights complaint is a lengthy, potentially draining, process that may not meet immediate needs. Students are encouraged to speak with someone from their student union as soon as possible. They can provide you with support, activism, or assisting you navigate the processes of your choice.